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    February 26, 2014
    7:00 - 7:31pm PST  

students at cal. the they say the school is failing to protect them. ktvu channel 2 news is next. . rain returns to a drought 31sty bay area and we're getting a good soaking tonight -- thirsty area. i'm gasia mikaelian. for people driving home, windshield wipers are a must. slick roads are a staple. 82 through berkeley from our camera at emeryville has been very slow as the storm moved on shore. the storm brought down a tree in
logs altos. the home -- losaltos. >> and umbrellas are getting a work out today. water agencies are trying to stretch supplies during the statewide drought. an ruben is in the south bay where the rain is creating a rush for some business. first our chief meteorologist, bill martin is in the weather center. bill. >> the rain has been falling on the afternoon commute. it's come down almost rapidly in san jose with over two-inches of ben lomen. the raven is kind of winding down into the next hour or so. we still have a chance for a thunder shower and heavy rain or wind. it's starting to clear out a little bit around the bay. as you go up 580 there still a little bit lighter than it has been. starting to get a break on 101.
this has been really wet all night. strong returns, heavy rainfall rates, and still raining poeting -- that'll track into the atherton area, and west minlow park in the next six minutes. more showers moving on shore. when i come back, we'll take the computer model and i'll roll that into tomorrow. there's another weather system headed our way. >> thank you, bill. today's weather led to lengthy delays at sfo, up to three hours for some passengers. and the floury of activity was set in motion by the storm. >> corner by corner, drain by drain. >> it's going to be pretty heckic. >> san francisco public works crew worked to clear some of the
storm basins ahead of this evening's rain. >> it's coming. we haven't seen the worst part yet. >> with rain bearing down on bay area rush our traffic, city officials are monitoring roads and neighborhoods for flooding. a perennial trouble spot, this block of 17th street that forms a flood basin. >> we need people to sweep leave fist they can, and also trees -- leaves if they can, and soil gets loose, and any vulnerable tree has a chance of coming down. >> travelers at sfo saw delays up to three hours and 111 flights canceled by 1:00 due to wind and bad weather. >> i'm turning into a different flight, but we'll see. it looks like i'll be departing tomorrow. >> those that call the rain a mixed blessing. >> we need rain. >> i like it when it don't rain. i get a little more done and move a little quicker when it
doesn't rain. >> with another storm on deck, flooding remains a concern tonight. the department of public works is offering ten sandbags at its lost on caesar chavez street. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. and anne rub an has more. >> reporter: all you need to do is look terrain collect barrels. they were all full by the afternoon. daniel actually wished he had more. >> i like the rain. it's my business. >> his business is rain safers, which sells rain collection -- rainsavers and it's being flooded. >> i'll get a call on the way to the job, done finish that and i get a call from a job. >> a good thing he says in
california's drought. >> if you're collecting rain you're not using tap water. >> santa clara valley water district is hoping more people will deserve. last night they put out a for 20% reduction in water usage. >> we're not expecting the amount of rain in the forecast is really going to produce a lot of inflow into our reservoirs. i hope i'm wrong. >> still there is some concern that an that's seen so little rain will see flooding. in east palo alto, residents are picking up sandbags just in case. they don't want a repeat of 2012 when a river overflowed its banks. >> my concern is my garage area and if there's heavy rain and it settles there, then it comes in the house. >> brad daniels says he's glad people are preparing. he wishes they thought about these things in the calm before the storm. >> it gets committing.
at the same time, it would be real nice if they called during the summer. >> reporter: daniel has several more appointments several with people hopefully before the next rain on friday. anne ruban channel 2 news. and crews were trying to prevent damage and high winds today. umbrellas were out and water pooled in storm drains and on city streets. in oakland, the city's providing sandbags in case of flooding, and also crews cleaned out tree branches so they wouldn't become a problem. the petaluma river rose today. still far lower than this time of year, with today's rain, water officials say lake sonoma is at 67%, and lake mendicino is
at 40%. >> and we'll have more on the weather app for download on android and apple devices. following developing news out of the south bay a car crashed into a home on campbell. the driver did it on purpose, police say. the driver had a woman and two concern with him in the silver acura when he drove into the home. they say he hit it going 60 mileance hour. you see the damage -- miles an hour. you see the damage to the vehicle. he was under the influence of drugs. he was seriously injured and so were the passengers. they are expected to survive. the house has damage, as well, but no one inside was hurt. >> arizona governor jan brewer made her decision late today and vetoed legislation that denied service to gays and lesbians. >> i believe senate bill 1062 has the potential to create more
problems then it purports to solve. >> crowds in phoenix cheered her decision, it would have sanctioned discrimination by allowing businesses to denier is have yous based on -- based on religious debate. meantime a federal judge struck down a ban on same-sex marriage. the ban is unconstitutional and has no rational relation to a legitimate government purpose. he also issued a stay pending an appeal so gay couples can't get married just yet. gay marriage is legal in 17 states. bans have been struck down in another seven but are being appealed. and there's been another flew death in contra costa county. a woman in her 40s has died. her death brings the total there to seven. so far, we've counted nine, and santa clara has the highest with
15 reported. students at uc berkeley filed a legal complaint against the university saying their school is not doing enough to protect female students from sexual assault. ktvu john is a sack i reports -- sasaki reports, attackers are being left to roam free. uc berkeley is known as one of the best public universities in the world. >> last year i was assaulted in the resident's hall. >> now current and former students is arguing where sexual assault isn't taken siersiously. >> there isn't one -- seriously. >> there's hundreds of rapists watching around campus. >> 31 women are making charges because of what they suffered. >> we were being told there weren't any witnesses or being told you don't have a case because there isn't anyone to corroborate what you're saying and he's such a nice day. >> to support survivors and start making change. >> this student says she and three other women with were
assaulted by the same male student on different occasions. >> there was no attention that was paid whatsoever to the fact that he might assault someone again, and it was a danger to have him in this environment. >> our hearts go out to them for the unimaginable trauma that they've been through. >> it was expecting change prior to today. the time that the investigation continues, we've added a position to help them go through a process. >> uc berkeley's chance put out a statement saying sexual assault has no place on a college campus or anywhere in civilized society. >> in berkeley, i'm john sasaki, channel 2 news. tonight, a 25$25,000 award is being offered over the case of the poisonous meatballs. last summer, a dog died in a
similar incident. the ceo of yelp contributed most of that reward money. the video is remarkable. an armed gunman thrown to the ground during a convenience store heist in the bay area. we tracked that man down and it tell you why he's being called a hero. >> and not the kind of video justin bieber wants to be featured in. a look at the moments just after his arrest last month in miami and what police say this showed. he had countless photos. >> plus the beauty pageant queen talks about life turned upside down by a cyber stalker. he message today in san francisco.
r message today in san francisco. we are on storm watch tonight, and the storm continues
to fall tonight. you can see there is more rain set to come on share. all that green is rain headed or already on its way. a live look at traffic on interstate 680. the rain slowed things down for the evening commute in many areas. this is just the first in days. bill martin has the timetable coming up in just about five minutes from now. >> an armed robbery as it happened when a pair of employees jump into action. we'll show you the video. and watch because you can see a manholinging a gun at the cash -- manholing a gun -- man holding a gun. a body slam throws the bun man to the ground. here it is again for you in slow motion. rob ross spoke to the man who made that amazing tackle.
>> reporter: store employee, joe williams had just finished at the am, pm convenience store at about 1:30 this afternoon when this came in and pointed a gun at the cashier. a customer gets out of the way, then entered joe williams and a move of a professional wrestler. the gunman was pleading for him to let him go. williams said he was afraid the man had another gun and restrained him until police arrived. we met williams this afternoon at the store. >> i was real nervous. at the time, my adrenalin took over and i didn't think twice about it. yeah, i was afraid. >> police arrested corbin for attempted robbery and being in possession of a firearm as a felon. williams did was heroic but don't advise citizens to on do
the same. >> i have seen and heard other situation where is it turned tragic unnecessarily because people fought and resisted. it's an extremely dangerous and critical incident that unfolded. >> i'm proud of myself. i did a good deed. that's how i look at it. >> and there's something the video doesn't show after it was all over. >> my friend was -- we shook hands and gave a big hug to each other because we're both still here. >> joe williams told us the boss is giving him more hours at this store and police say they want to give him a commendation. in richmond, rob ross, channel 2 news. >> the story's getting a lot of attention at and our facebook page. you can click the link at the hot topics section. now to oakland where a manhunt is on for three men believed to be responsible for at least five armed robberies since saturday. today police released surveillance pictures. they rob are all in the north
oakland area. all three are said to be armed and dangerous. the robbers are believed to be drivingly a 2006 dek 551. >> two police officers were gunned down in the line of duty. taps played and officers stood in formation to honor sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler. family members were comforted as they viewed a memorial garden today. injured giants fan and santa cruz paramedic brian stow. they said they were touched by the turn out. >> we're all in this together. we're not going to forget the sacrifice of these officers. >> and also a new badge bearing
the badge numbers of the slain officers and their end of watch date. we're getting a new look at justin bieber after his arrest in january for driving under the influence. police showed this video today walking unsteadily during a sob riity check -- sobriety check. 19-year-old bieber was arrested after being pulled over for allegedly racing on a city street. he pleaded not guilty to dui, resisting arrest and having an invalid driver's license. today, tesla named several sites that may be chosen to build the factory of their batteries. it's looking at locations in arizona, new mexico, nevada, and texas. the factory would cost as much as $5 billion and would open in three years, expecting build about 6,500 people believe those batteries. it hopes to speed up production which has been stymied by a limited supply. >> and the market managed small
gains today. investors are expected to look for comments from the fed chair tomorrow. bill sponsored by barbara boxer would limit e cigarettes. it includes a ban on promoting e-cigs, as they're called, to children. and a victim of cyber talking today, the reigning ms. usa was cyber stalked and he sent her as many as 40 e-mails a day. >> he had countless photos so he was e torting me for more -- extorting me for more photos. they can access webcams, and phone apps. some companies do offer security programs they say will detect
such hacks. today, nasa scientists and state water officials gathered to discuss satellite monitoring of drought conditions a youllowing water officials to know monitor -- allowing water officials to monitor the snow pack at higher elevations. water officials say that can aid water supply forecasting. still tracking rain showers on the late afternoon commute. it's raining especially in the north bay. the system's coming on shore. there's still more behind it though as we go into the next few hours, maybe even a thunder shower. i've had reports in pacifica. keep your eyes on open in the next hour or so. that's when that would happen. you've got -- 101's been wet all night long. we checked it earlier and there's just a lot of redlines
indicating the slow track. over to 880, and then you see heavy rain in palo alto right now, and sunnyvale and toward the livermore, pleasanton. there's storm number one coming on shore, maybe a thunder shower in the next hour or so, and storm number 2 arrives on friday but a little bit more rain. the forecast tonight is for more scattered showers, then we go into tomorrow morning, more scattered showers. i think tomorrow morning you a commute will be wet on the roadways. you're going to see a little bit of sun into the afternoon hours. and the clouds from system number 2, they come in from the south. the system is -- storm number 2 will get mainly south towards los angeles. they're going to get hammered by this. we're going to see rain into wednesday night.
continued showers, and we're continued snow in the mountains and there's thursday morning and thursday afternoon and here comes friday. there it is. and then it pushes through. friday morning's wet. friday afternoon's wet and friday afternoon's commute continues. friday's going to be a wet day all around. be ready for that. the commutes will be kind of messed up. five-day forecast, getting through this one by tomorrow. winding down by -- in the next few ho, and sthal be some scattered -- they'll be some scattered showers. and maybe a sprinkle on saturday morning. gasia? >> thank you, bill. dramatic moments in san francisco, as crews rescued a woman who fell nearly 30 feet at point lobos near the cliff house. crews had to hostiler up to the fiscal cliff and was take -- hoist her to the fiscal cliff and was taken to the had -- and hoist her to the cliff and take
her to the hospital. and today's early giant's, a's ball game, we'll have more. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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a whale watching trip in baja turned into an up close and personal experience for one whale watcher and now this video has gone viral on youtube. watch the whale get so close one woman is slapped in the head by the giant animal's tail. the woman did suffer some bruising on her head and shoulder, but in the end, there's that slap, was not seriously injured. >> the bats are off the rack and the gloves are on the field for cactus league play for the giants and the a's. they played against each other in scotts daily, arizona -- scottsdale, arizona. and that game was won 10-5. both teams play on friday. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here at you can also follow us on facebook and twitter. i'm gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news, and tonight we're live in the sierra, as this
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> revelation, everybody -- kanye west is angry. kanye east, a happy guy who allows people to take pictures. >> he's a niece guy somewhere deep down inside. may be knee-deep but he has a heart. >> when you go out in knee-deep waters, it's rather shallow. >> what about ball's deep, is that -- [laughter] >> these guys, youtube pranksters. millions of hits. teenage girls go crazy for them. they shut down times square yesterday. >> what did they do? >> acting like chicken on the train number one video. >> why this, chicken on a train? >> to get to the other side of the country? [laughter]